Firm History

Wheeler, Van Sickle & Anderson, S.C. attorneys have included noted civic and political leaders, including members and a Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly and others who became judicial leaders, including Circuit Court judges and a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

Firm attorneys have represented our clients on a variety of governmental issues, including representation before public agencies, legislative lobbying, administrative rule development and disputes over agency actions.

The firm was founded in the 1930s by pioneering lawyers who helped rural leaders to provide electric power through formation of electric cooperatives when traditional power utilities declined to serve rural areas at affordable prices. Through the succeeding decades, the firm’s attorneys helped to create nearly all of the electric cooperative organizations in Wisconsin, including affiliated insurance companies, power suppliers and trade associations, and they have been very active leaders in national organizations formed to assist electric cooperatives come into being and to obtain financing.

The firm regularly assists clients on legal issues related to creation and operation of cooperative businesses of all kinds, including wholesale and retail electric energy, telecommunications, milk marketing, grocery sales, wholesale wine sales, and a variety of services businesses. As an outgrowth of our cooperative representation, Wheeler, Van Sickle and Anderson attorneys have developed a national presence representing utilities and cooperatives around the country in specialized electrical exposure litigation.

Firm lawyers have also played a central role in the areas of land use, water and conservation law, including historic preservation. This work has included decades of legislative representation and assistance to statewide organizations, including Land Trusts, Lake Districts, and other public and private groups. Wheeler, Van Sickle and Anderson attorneys have worked closely to assist clients in land transactions, land use and water law matters, including participation in landmark appellate court cases involving the public trust in navigable waters. Firm attorneys have also represented clients in employment law matters and a variety of civil litigation.

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