Legislative Analysis And Development

Our clients frequently have issues involved in the state and federal legislative processes. Wheeler attorneys have analyzed and assisted in drafting proposed legislation and supporting positions for legislation in the Congress and Wisconsin legislature on a wide variety of issues. Our attorneys have directly participated in legislative study commissions and committees and have advised clients participating in those activities, on issues ranging from telecommunications, electric energy and utilities, to water quality, regulated industries and nuclear energy.

Wheeler lawyers have assisted the development and drafting of legislative proposals addressing a variety of issues, and have helped their clients understand legislation and how legislation might affect them. For example, the Wheeler firm was instrumental in the Wisconsin legislature’s adoption of statutory authority for the creation of inland lake districts, a special purpose unit of local government organized to rehabilitate and protect specific lakes and to fund activities such as dredging, weed harvesting and invasive aquatic plant removal. Wheeler attorneys have been members of Special Committees of the Wisconsin Legislative Council, and have testified before legislative committees on such topics as adverse possession laws, state and federal bills affecting the electric industry.


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